Actors Headshots Los Angeles – Career Tip #1: Moving to L.A.

Kaizen Photography

Professional Headshots in L.A. by Kaizen Photography: Headshots – The business of acting.

When should I move to L.A.?

If you are an ACTOR and dream of making it in Hollywood, you need to be here to get the Big Breaks.

If you are young and without training, this is the best place to get the training you need. You can get great training outside of L.A., but if you have youth on your side, you might as well get trained here.




Besides having some of the best acting schools in the world, this is the place you want to build your support network. Imagine spending two to four years of your life getting great acting training while making the friends you’ll need to help you succeed in this competitive market.

L.A. is a hard city to live in if you don’t have support.

If you are older and the clock is ticking on your career, burn a DVD Demo of your best work and get over here. If you have enough acting credits on your resume to show that you are a professional in your market you’ll stand a better chance of getting auditions or at least get seen by an agent.

Just keep in mind, those out of market credits don’t count as much as the ones you get here. You’ll need to prove yourself to the L.A. market before you start to feel established.

But, if you don’t have anything on your resume, your going to have a hell of a time getting noticed. So, stay in your market, get some experience on set and Master Your Craft.

Where ever you are in your career, make sure you save enough money to help you survive a year or two of unemployment.

Having enough money to cover living expenses will give you that freedom to be a full time actor.

Prepare yourself to be here for a long time before your acting work starts paying for your living. If you stay focused on building your career and come prepare to weather long bouts of unemployment you may survive long enough to be your break in Hollywood.


Next post will be about survival jobs for Actors in Los Angeles. Check in next week.

If you have any questions or would like an opinion about pursuing a career in entertainment post it in the comment section. If you are local you may win one of my monthly draws for a Free Headshot Session in West L.A.!

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3 Responses to Actors Headshots Los Angeles – Career Tip #1: Moving to L.A.

  1. Jel says:

    I heard that GA was going to be new best place to live for acting on account of their tax breaks.

    Would GA be a better place to live for acting than LA now?

    • kaizenphoto says:

      If you are in GA and love living there. Stay. Continue to develop your career in a place you have the most resources and opportunity to succeed. Move to L.A. only if you feel that it is the only way in move your career to the next level.

  2. Barb Glaze says:

    Hi, Georgia, we live here. It is disappointing acting wise in most circles. There seems to be a lot of porn and other stuff that serious actors do not want to be involved. A lot of people do not want anything original here. They often do not know what they are looking for in their business. I believe the city speaks for itself and it’s kind. If you are the “kind” then Atlanta is just for you. Have fun. New York is cold and filled with no. It was different before 9-11. Everything seemed to be so much fun before 9-11. The people are down and out. Everyone says L.A. Maybe things will start booming there.
    All the best,

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